Macbeth Reading Notes-ACT II

“Important” Characters:

Banquo-We definitely see more of Banquo this ACT than in ACT I and actually dive a little deeper into his own character and motivations that I think will make him a viable threat to Macbeth’s rule in Scotland, except…

Fleance-Banquo’s son. Who will become more important into the coming acts, remember as his is the one who the three witches’ prophecy speaks of.  “Thou shalt get kings, though thou be none.” (ACT I scene 3) Consider him a legitimate threat to Macbeth’s hold on the Scottish Throne.

Macbeth- We finally begin to see some of Macbeth’s spiral into insanity. Beginning first with “Is this a dagger I see before me.”

Lady Macbeth- Even more indirect characterization with Lady Macbeth’s words playing against her actions.

Malcolm & Donalbain- The sons of the late King Duncan. After Duncan’s murder they escape to Ireland and England to avoid being murdered themselves, although that throws a lot of suspicion their way.




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