Deliverable #2


TPCASST Analysis:

The Dictators-Pablo Neruda


The Dictators-Because I already have a background in Pablo Neruda’s poems I learned of his distaste for dictatorships. (but interestingly enough a general admiration of communism, even running for office under the communist party.)


The biggest clue as to what this poem means is the word “Vendetta” at the end of the last stanza. Vendetta means simply, a prolonged bitter quarrel with or campaign against someone.








By the end of the poem we have a deeper understanding of why the title was picked. Although dictator, or government is not mentioned directly one time in the poem just from subtle undertones we see the distaste and even disgust that Neruda has. And by naming the poem the Dictators, we can assume that “The Dictators” is not a positive title.



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